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4. A Jolly Fat Friar Said to a Lovely Nun - Lord Mornington (1735-1781)

Garret Colley Wesley (also known as Viscount Wellesley) was an Anglo-Irish politician and a very naughty man. His catches are among the filthiest. This particular example is in fact a fairly tame one comparatively and is a clear reference to the Canterbury Tales. Just in case one isn’t aware, dying and being dead used to be words used as very common euphemisms for something else…

Careless with his money and dying at only 45, Lord Mornington left his family no excuse but to sell all their Irish estate. The current Lord Mornington is in the line of succession to the British throne.


“A jolly fat friar said to a lovely Nun, ‘Come, my dear, let us have a little fun!’ ‘Leave me, oh leave me,’ she reply’d, ‘prithee, sir, be gone. Pray be quiet! I’m dying, I’m dead, I’m— I’m undone!’ The Abbess passing by, heard a noise in the cell; In she peep’d and saw, but what I shall not tell.” 

A Jolly Fat Friar - Lord Mornington
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