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13. The Careless Drawer - Henry Purcell

A great Purcell drinking song which vividly captures a little moment in time. Much like a musical equivalent of taking your phone out and filming something. The drinkers in this song have clearly been enjoying themselves for long enough that the barkeepers (drawers) have gone to bed instigating a lock-in. But everyone wants to pay the bill (the reckoning) and go home now please. 


“Call for the reck’ning and let us be gone: Such careless attendance sure never was known; Pray ring the bell till the drawers come up; Nay prithee, pull on tho’ you break the rope, Why sure, they’re asleep; a pox take ‘em all! Oh, now they come sneaking with ‘Gentlemen, d’ye call?’”

The Careless Drawer - Purcell
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