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7. Roger and Jenny - Henry Purcell

For our 7th catch, we catch up with what Roger is up to. As we'll find, he appears quite often in these catches for fairly obvious euphemistic reasons. 

What exactly is going on in this one is not immediately clear, but after being administered something Jenny does appear to have a couple of unfortunate accidents which she finds fairly amusing. Whatever is happening, this is Purcell yet again not hiding anything behind any clever rhythmic devices but instead just being fairly graphic.

A budget was the name given to the leather pouch people kept money and pills in or sometimes, as in here, just to the contents of said budget. Budgets also resembled codpieces incidentally, although why that would matter I'm sure I've no idea...

"As Roger last night to Jenny lay close, He pull'd out his budget and gave her a dose; The tickling no sooner kind Jenny did find, But with laughing she purged both before and behind: "Pox take it," quoth Roger, "he must himself be beside That gives pills against wind and 'gainst tide."

Roger and Jenny - Henry Purcell
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